Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dear Presidential Candidate...

The Boy's 5th grade class is writing persuasive letters to Presidential Candidates to let them know what issues they think are important.  I am sharing his letter because it's awesome!  The Boy has such difficulty with writing and getting his thoughts out clearly, but he rocked this letter out!  I hope the kids get responses from the candidates from their letters.  They are sending them to Obama and the 3 Republican candidates battling it out right now.  Each student had to research and pick three issues they felt were important to them.  The boy chose Autism Research, Homelessness, and Federal Funding for Charities..

Dear Candidate,

Thanks for your dedication to our country.  I am in the 5th grade at (insert school) in Virginia.  My father is in the Navy.  We are learning about the countless issues you must address in your campaign.  The issues that interest me the most are the need for more money for medical research about Autism because I have it, help for the homeless and loss of federal funding for charities.  I think you should work on these three issues because they are the biggest to me, my family, and my classmates.

First, more money needs to be given for medical research of Autism.  Did you know, 1 out of 110 children are diagnosed with Autism?  The effects of Autism on me are not that bad but it makes life harder.  I have trouble making friends because I do awkward things while doing it or shy away and miss opputunities to make friends.  Even though people with Autism are considered really smart they would have a hard time learning in class because they have a certain way of doing things.  I really want you to give more money to help find a cure for Autism.  It would be nice to me and everyone around the world who has it.

I also believe we need to help the homeless.  We need to make a homeless shelter for the homeless so they have somewhere to live so they won't get cold or die young.  Furthermore, we need to donate more money to homeless shelters so the homeless can have additional stuff to live on and with.  Now once we donate this and they can get a job they can get a place to live.

Finally I am concerned about the federal funding to charity.  It is sad we are losing federal funding to charities that preserve wild life and helping homeless shelters.  If you become President, give them federal funding.

I know you have a tsunami of issues coming your way but I know you can deal with each and every one.  I appreciate your consideration of my issues and know that through your help, that we will make the world a better place for everyone around.

The Boy