Monday, May 31, 2010

childhood dreams

So an old high school friend found me on facebook last night.  We chatted for a bit on chat.  He asked what I was doing these days.. did I become a writer or journalist like I had wanted to???  Funny that's what he remembers about me.  I'm sure a lot of people would remember that about me if asked about me in high school.  I was always writing.  I took creative writing three times in high school, I worked on the paper, worked on the literary magazine and worked on the yearbook.  I constantly wrote poetry and stories.  Now I can barely get my thoughts onto paper (errr on the keyboard?)  It's funny how my dreams have changed since then.  I'd still love to publish a book, but my ideas on publishing a book these days are far from the fiction i wrote in high school.  It's really been on my mind since I chatted with him yesterday.  I wonder how many of us truly have fulfilled our childhood dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up.  High school was a long time ago, longer than I care to admit, but the teenage version of me would have laughed at the adult version of me.. wrapped up in the world of her amazing 8 year old.. married to a sailor of all people.. I swore in high school that I would never get married until I finished college and had a career of my own so I had something to fall back on.  I have no degree now.  Hell, I don't have a job.  Yes, the 15 year old me would certainly laugh in the face of the 33 year old me.  But ya know what?  I do love my life.. despite it being nothing like I ever dreamed it would be.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our wild and crazy week!

Let me give you a little peek into the craziness that was my week last week.

Monday afternoon.. Friend M calls me and tells me she has some bad news for me.  Our friends J and B were out on a boat and they never returned and they were with J's brother E.  Spent the rest of Monday looking for any news on them until I finally crashed late at night.

Tuesday.. more praying and worrying about our friends until my friend M called to tell me by the grace of God they had been found!  Joyous night!  Stayed up and watched live feed on a news station in Florida of them arriving, couldn't fall asleep until I had seen their faces and saw they were ok. 

Wednesday.. spent the day smiling, so happy our friends were found and they were alive!!!  Until...

1 AMish on Thursday morning.. friend M calls and wakes me up after falling asleep only an hour before.  Her house is FLOODING and can I please come get the kids so they can stay at my house.  So I throw clothes on and drive to her house to find the fire department there and water pouring out of her front door.  The kids are sitting on the couch with dazed looks on their faces.  I take them home, leave them with the hubby and head back over there and wade my way to her back porch.  We wait until 3:30 AM for  the housing maintenance guy to show up and when he does, he has no clue what to do.  Meanwhile her bedroom is soaked, as is her dining room, kitchen and entryway.  So we wait for more people to show up, they say oh it was the toilet.. um ok.  And they finally get her temp housing and off I go to bed around 430.  Fall asleep at 530ish only to be woken up at 7 by her daughter asking if it's ok to let my dog into our bedroom. 

After hubby gets home from muster, he goes to get their dog who is now staying with us.. a 100 pound rottie.. who is the sweetest dog but still very puppy in her actions.  My dog is old and likes being the only dog in the house.

The theme of last week seems to be water for sure.  My poor friend has a smelly house now with ripped out carpets and holes in the drywall.  They are staying in temp housing  but are going to insist that housing move them.  For them to properly fix all the damage, they need to rip out a whole bunch of stuff and that could take months!  Hopefully they will get them moved somewhere else.  My friend is so stressed and freaked about the whole thing.  And for the record, we doubt it was the damn toilet that caused such massive flooding in her house.. maybe the pipes connected to the toilet, since housing has been in to fix it three times in the past month, but not the toilet itself. 

Here's to hoping for a much calmer week this week.  Nothing to do with water would be a bonus.. unless it's some quick summer rain showers that make it so I don't have to take the time to water my veggie garden daily.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I think I want to go back to school.. again.. haha

I've been helping a friend of mine deal with a crappy ineffective IEP lately. I've given her tons of advice on how to handle her upcoming meeting. I've given her the resources she needs to understand the IEP and to understand exactly what her son needs. It has been a very fullfilling experience. I am seriously considering becoming a special education advocate. I enjoy helping other parents so much with these things and I think it would be a good career move for me.

So I'm considering going back to school. I am so close to atleast obtaining my associates degree. I would love to be able to take some classes on educational law and such too. I'm consdering going to school to get my paraprofessional certification, so I can also work with special needs children in the classroom setting.

Someone told me a few months back that she could really see me in a advocacy position. I'm starting to feel that way too. I'm not sure where to start or how to do this, but I feel like this is something that would be fullfilling for me and it's the path I'm meant to be on. So hopefully this journey can begin.

I'm also going to get together what I need to start a special needs support group here on the base. There are tons of special needs children here on base and I think a support group would be a great thing. I miss the support I had living in Va Beach and I would love to help the other families here find the support they need as well.

I know none of this is going to be easy, but I really feel a pull to do this and I hope it's something I can succeed in.

Feeling Defeated

I've spent the better part of the morning researching bipolar medications trying to find one that is relatively safe for the kiddo. Pretty much all of them can cause tardive dyskynesia, which automatically takes them off our list. We have an appointment tomorrow with the psychiatrist. I'm not holding my breath that we will find the right med for the kiddo. I'm praying once he's completely off the abilify that we don't have a return of violent mood swings and such. I'm praying we can actually take a go at this without medication until we see the nuerologist. I'm scared once we're completely off medications that he's going to become manic again forcing us into hospitalization once again and I'm not sure I can deal with that again. Mood disorders are such a horribly ugly thing and sometimes it takes all I have just to get through the day.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Can we be normal for a minute?

I wonder if our lives will ever be normal. I wonder if our lives will continue to be consumed with doctors appointments, medications, school and so on. So much has changed lately. We've moved to the depths of hell, errr Dahlgren, VA.. don't ask, it's nowhere. We have to drive an hour at least for any doctors appointments. The ONLY aba we found was in Pennsylvania.. 4 hours away! We have been through trial and error with meds. Now we are battling a new demon called tardive diskynesia. It's a horrible movement disorder that has me so scared that the kiddo is going to seriously hurt his neck one day because of it. He's constantly moving, constantly throwing his head back, flapping his hands, or just pacing back and forth. The only time he's perfectly still is when he's sleeping and then his sleep is filled with him talking in his sleep or waking up scared. Tardive Diskynesia was brought on by Abilify. I'm so angry at doctors for not being more careful with him. I'm so angry at them for not doing nuerological exams everytime we went in, so angry at them for brushing me off when I mentioned certain symptoms. I'm angry at them for never once telling me that this is a potential side effect.. a permanent side effect that he will be battling for the rest of his life most likely!

Moving was the worst thing we did. I love my friends here dearly, but PCSing in the middle of the school year is a nightmare. NEVER again will we do this because the kiddo has had the roughest go of things since moving here in October. He is not even going to school full time anymore, most of his learning takes place at home. I'm not even sure what our plan will be for next year yet, but I'm seriously considering full on homeschooling because I don't care much for the school. Maybe a change in administration will occur over the summer and then maybe my feelings will be different.. but for now, who knows.

I just wonder if things will ever be normal for us. I'm constantly worried and stressed out, so short tempered.. it's just no fun these days. I need a serious vacation, alone!!! I miss the beach and wish I could go back down there to visit my friends and just sit in the warm sand and stare out at the ocean for hours. I wish we could go a month without needing to go to a doctors appointment or worry about changing a medication or worry about what the hell these meds have done to the kiddo. I don't live my life dwelling on the past.. what's happened has happened.. but it sure would be nice to get a break.. even if for just a day or two...