Monday, May 31, 2010

childhood dreams

So an old high school friend found me on facebook last night.  We chatted for a bit on chat.  He asked what I was doing these days.. did I become a writer or journalist like I had wanted to???  Funny that's what he remembers about me.  I'm sure a lot of people would remember that about me if asked about me in high school.  I was always writing.  I took creative writing three times in high school, I worked on the paper, worked on the literary magazine and worked on the yearbook.  I constantly wrote poetry and stories.  Now I can barely get my thoughts onto paper (errr on the keyboard?)  It's funny how my dreams have changed since then.  I'd still love to publish a book, but my ideas on publishing a book these days are far from the fiction i wrote in high school.  It's really been on my mind since I chatted with him yesterday.  I wonder how many of us truly have fulfilled our childhood dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up.  High school was a long time ago, longer than I care to admit, but the teenage version of me would have laughed at the adult version of me.. wrapped up in the world of her amazing 8 year old.. married to a sailor of all people.. I swore in high school that I would never get married until I finished college and had a career of my own so I had something to fall back on.  I have no degree now.  Hell, I don't have a job.  Yes, the 15 year old me would certainly laugh in the face of the 33 year old me.  But ya know what?  I do love my life.. despite it being nothing like I ever dreamed it would be.

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