Sunday, May 16, 2010

I think I want to go back to school.. again.. haha

I've been helping a friend of mine deal with a crappy ineffective IEP lately. I've given her tons of advice on how to handle her upcoming meeting. I've given her the resources she needs to understand the IEP and to understand exactly what her son needs. It has been a very fullfilling experience. I am seriously considering becoming a special education advocate. I enjoy helping other parents so much with these things and I think it would be a good career move for me.

So I'm considering going back to school. I am so close to atleast obtaining my associates degree. I would love to be able to take some classes on educational law and such too. I'm consdering going to school to get my paraprofessional certification, so I can also work with special needs children in the classroom setting.

Someone told me a few months back that she could really see me in a advocacy position. I'm starting to feel that way too. I'm not sure where to start or how to do this, but I feel like this is something that would be fullfilling for me and it's the path I'm meant to be on. So hopefully this journey can begin.

I'm also going to get together what I need to start a special needs support group here on the base. There are tons of special needs children here on base and I think a support group would be a great thing. I miss the support I had living in Va Beach and I would love to help the other families here find the support they need as well.

I know none of this is going to be easy, but I really feel a pull to do this and I hope it's something I can succeed in.

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