Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm so impressed!!!!!

Now I'm sure to some, this is no big deal. To me, to our family, this is a HUGE deal. The boy has a writing disability. He hates writing with a passion because it's so damn difficult for him. He's smart as a whip, but when it comes to get that info from his brain to his pencil, well it just isn't easy for him. He recieves OT in school to help with this and he also gets one on one time with the special ed teacher to help him with his writing as well. As a result of this, art is not something that he enjoys, it downright frustrates the hell out of him. For the past two years, ten minutes was the max the art teacher would get out of him when she asked him to pick up a crayon and start drawing. We've accepted it, and she's incredibly patient with him in regards to this.

Well, yesterday he had art, for the first time this school year. They were told to answer the question "what is nature?" in a drawing. The drawing he brought home almost made me cry! He not only wrote the question at the top of the paper, but he drew a picture. An ENTIRE picture! He drew two trees, two cardinals, a bear, a moose, a sloth (hanging in the tree! ), and grass on the ground. He even made white antlers on the moose, which are hard to see, but they are definitely there.

Words cannot even express how proud of him that I am! I gushed over it all night long and I am now proudly hanging it in my living room for everyone to see. I spoke to his art teacher today and she was also so proud of him! She said she praised him throughout the class!
I hope this is something we will continue to see him improve in! It's amazing how well he has started this school year, despite all my fears about it!
Here is the artwork in question..

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