Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I did in school today...

Yes, really.. what I did in school today!  

A few days ago, my son's teacher asked if I was available to help out with something this morning.  Of course I said yes because I love being in the classroom with him and his peers.  This week, the story in the reading textbook is about cerebral palsy.  They have been discussing disabilities all week long, including autism.  I arrive this morning with him and she shows me the center I will be working at.  She read them a story about a little boy who has autism and the trip to the park with his sister.  (If I remember the name of the book, I'll share.. lol)  

When she was finished reading, she looked straight at the boy and asked if there was anything he wanted to share.  I silently started to panic for a moment until she said he'd been sharing all week long about autism.  (insert me almost falling over here)  One of his friends said "he had no idea C had autism until this week, but it didn't matter, he's still C and he's my friend".  (again, me almost falling over and wanting to run up to this kid and give him a huge hug!)

She then explained to them that they were going to go to several different centers and learn about what it's like to live with various disabilities.  She had something set up for a speech impediment, deafness, blindness, dyslexia, cerebral palsy and autism.  I got to do one of the centers about autism.  I had to give the students instructions on how to do something and speak in complete gibberish.  I said it normally, softly, loudly, getting more and more frustrated each time and commenting about how I didn't understand why they weren't doing it.  I then drew a picture and they immediately got it.  It was fun watching the light bulb moment for the students.  I answered their questions as best as I could.  They had some tough questions that I couldn't answer, but did as best as I could.  I think it really hit home with them when the teacher said 1 in 88 military kids has autism, because our school is a DODEA school and solely military kids.  

I also got to touch them velcro gloves to teach them about sensory issues.  Everyone hated it, except of course my own child who took the gloves after the lesson and kept touching his arm with it! haha  

We are truly blessed to have this teacher in our lives.  I didn't think we'd ever have another teacher as amazing as this one, after our second grade teacher.  His teacher is truly one of a kind.  As a retired Naval Officer, she runs her classroom with military precision.  This has helped my own child so much throughout the year because he knows up front what the expectations are each day.  But she has fun with the kids and she truly cares about each and every one of them.  She has made every effort possible to form a bond with with C this year and as a result he is once again enjoying school and is thriving in her classroom.  Her incredible patience with him will never be forgotten.   It makes me sad to think the school year is over halfway done and we only have a few months left with her before he's onto middle school.  The world needs more teachers like her without a doubt.  

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You are so lucky to have such a caring teacher!

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