Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain Likes War Mommy

Those were the words that came out of the kiddo's mouth earlier. "McCain likes war". After picking my jaw up off the floor, I said "huh?" (I mean really, what else do you say to a 7 year old when he says that to you?!) He said it again and then added "Obama doesn't like war, so I would vote for him." (*thud* jaw hitting the floor again and me picking it up)

Thus begining the oh so sensitive conversation with my 7 year old about the differences in like war and not liking war and that not being the real issue here. How do you explain "war" to a 7 year old? I mean seriously.. without saying too much, without saying too little, without sharing my own politcal biases.

I carefully explained to him that no one "likes" war. Some people just have different ideas of how the "war" should be handled. I explained what "war" they were even talking as gently as I could without him getting nervous about it. It's hard enough to explain it to a kid, but makes it a million times harder when they start to put two and two together and come up with the fact that's what Daddy does for a living!

I had no idea that he even really knew much about the election. I'm not one to discuss my political views. I won't necessarily openly support one canidate over another because who I support is my own personal decision. I do have my preferences but honestly right now, my biggest concerns are military, education, military and education.. did I mention military and education? Out of all the political stances, those are my two biggest issues for me and it's a lot more complicated than "McCain likes war Mommy".

Ohhh and I asked him where he heard such a thing (after the jaw was picked up and before the sensitive conversation) and he said "Oh little Johnny told me at school" (name changed to protect the innocent LOL) Then went on to tell me a few other friends had mentioned it too.

Have I mentioned I can't believe how educated our kids are on politics these days? Geez just the other day I was talking about the fifth graders and their discussion, I never woulda thought my second grader woulda come home and tell me that!

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