Saturday, October 18, 2008

Something I just don't understand...

Why do parents/step parents not keep their children's best interests in mind? Why do they not notice how much they upset their kids with their actions? I saw a situation yesterday where a mom and a step mom were arguing, presumably over who had the right to be there with the child in question. The poor child in question wanted them both there and had a seat on either side of her. The child just sat quietly looking so sad and finally one of them left and the other went to sit with the child.

I just don't get it. Ya know what? I don't give a rats behind if you don't like each other. You can say whatever you want about each other, if the child is not in the same room witnessing it. Grow the fuck up and be an adult about things. It makes me so sad to see shit like that happening. The child is the one who suffers in this situation. You are doing more damage to the poor innocent child than you are to each other with the insults and the arguing. I wish people could realize what they are doing!

I am the product of a divorced mom and dad. I had step parents growing up, and NEVER once did one say anything bad about the other. My Mom defended my biological father whenever I would say bad things about him, once I realized what a scum bag he is. She never spoke a bad word about my first step mother, they got along fine.

I have a lot of respect for the way my Mom handled things, she didn't have to. My biological dad is a scum bag. He cheated on her while she was pregnant with my sister, he comes in and out of lives without any warning or caring whose heart he's breaking, he's an ass. Despite all that, I did not know why my parents seperated until I was an adult. I had no clue of the shitty things he did to my Mom that caused the divorce to happen. It was just not something she wanted us to know because again.. she encouraged us to have a relationship with him and never talked shit about him.

I just don't get it. The child(ren) should be the main focus here. Personal feelings have to be put aside, deal with it in private if you must, but not in front of the child. :-( I hate seeing shit like this happen. It breaks my heart for the poor child yesterday who had to watch two people s/he loves acting in that manner.

And sadly, I'm not talking about just this one situation. This one just happens to be fresh on my mind, but I see it so often these days. Split up couples, one parent bad mouthing to other to the kids, the split up parents or the steps arguing in front of the kids.. it makes me so sad. Keep it away from the kids. It's not the kids fault you split up, stop making them feel like it is by arguing about them in front of them!

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