Saturday, May 30, 2009

so we've been doing ABA for a month now..

I really like our ABA therapist. She's amazing with the kiddo and he loves her. She has some of the most simple ideas that work wonders. Often I'm left wondering "well why the hell didn't I think of that?" We've got a reward system in place for him to help him control his anger. It's working somewhat. She made him a binder with anger management stuff in it that we need to keep going over I think. She gets him to do his homework with ease, he even asks to do it with her instead of me on days she's coming. I think this is a good thing.

Lately I've been really taking a look at things. I wonder if he is truly on the autism spectrum. I don't doubt in a few years someone will give us a whole new diagnosis. I'm so confused about everything. Everyone who meets him says "he doesn't seem like he has aspergers" but to me he does.. based on everything I've learned about it. I dunno. At least right now we can get help that will be good for us. We've got the ABA therapist and I think that's helping us tremendously. I'm learning different and better ways to deal with things, he's learning coping skills from someone other than me. We're all learning something here.

I hope it continues to go well for us. With everything else, we need a bit of good. Hopefully he will continue to respond to her and he will continue to learn coping strategies. I just want him to grow up to have a normal life. No matter what he is labeled with.

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