Friday, June 18, 2010

I wonder what other people think....

We went to dinner tonight.. the kiddo, the hubby, my mom and me.  The kiddo and I go with my Mom every other Friday when she gets paid, tonight the hubby is actually done with working nights for awhile, so he was able to join us.  There was a family sitting at the table behind us.  There was a little girl, maybe 2 who kept looking over the seat at the kiddo.  Several times he ducked under the table because she was looking at him.  LOL  He kept saying that girl is looking at me, she needs to stop.  I told him to just ignore it and stay facing the table and so on.. THANKFULLY he wasn't screaming it, but I'm sure the Mom heard him.  She didn't say anything to us about it, but I did hear her discreetly telling her daughter to stop turning around after one of the times the kiddo said it. 

Now, he wasn't trying to be rude, he was just uncomfortable with it.  That lack of a filter in him, he just says what he thinks.  I was doing my best to keep him quiet and calm.. but I really wonder what that Mom thought.  I wonder what the conversation was like in her car after they left.. When the kiddo got up to go to the bathroom, she did give him a funny look. 

It really makes me wonder what other people think when they see kids like mine.  If I see kids like mine, I always give a knowing smile and don't act like there's anything out of the norm going on.  I am incredibly patient with other special needs children (why am I not as patient with my own?).  I guess I could have said somthing to this Mother.. not to excuse his behavior but to explain it.. but then I wonder if she would have thought we were all a bunch of loons! LOL

Ah well.. another trip out survived.. another chance to help him navigate this strange world he lives in.. even with the funny looks and the toddler who was annoying him.. we survived and it didn't end in a screaming tantrum, so all is good...

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