Sunday, March 6, 2011

29 Days!

Ha!  I didn't forget.  Not today at least.. it's still early.  Sitting here at work again today.  It's so quiet in here, I expect it to be that way all day long due to the pouring rain outside.  Wish I could say I had something to do other than sitting here on my netbook.  I already scrubbed down every flat surface in here and baked cookies.

Hopefully the kiddo will have a good day at home with the hubby today. Everything is such a battle with him these days, especially where the hubby is concerned.  Tomorrow I will be trying once again to find him a new therapist who is closer to our home.  Damn gas prices right now, I can't afford to go to the one we were going to anymore because he was 20 miles away.  In a gas guzzling vehicle, that's a lot of gas!  So tomorrow I will hopefully get a hold of the community counseling place in our town.  I didn't want to have to use them, small town and all, but my last resort has arrived.. thank you Libya or whoever is to blame for the sudden rise in gas prices!

In other news, it seems the rain has stopped.  Hopefully we'll get some people in here now.  It is way too quiet!!!!

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