Saturday, March 5, 2011

30 Days?

I am such a slacker in the blogging department.  I'm going to challenge myself to 30 days of blogging!  I wonder if I can actually remember to write something everyday?  Anyone care to join me???

Soooo let's start with today.  I'm sitting here bored off my mind at work.  Generally it's pretty fun at work, but it's kinda quiet today.  Annoying sailor guy (ASG for short) is here and I'm trying to look busy so he won't come talk to me.  Cruel I know, but I already watched some stupid W.O.W. video on You tube that I just *had to see* at his insistence.  Usually he sits and talks about everything that is of no interest to me.  Yeah I'm mean.. but sheesh.. he goes on and on.  And usually it happens when I'm trying to do something.  I love my job and for the most part I love all the sailors who come in here, but some of them just get on my last damn nerve!  ASG is definitely one of them.  Some of the other ones who come in here are awesome.  I wish they weren't students.. I could see myself being friends with a lot of them, but unfortunately outside of my job, I can't hang with them thanks to my hubby's job.  Sometimes that can be a little frustrating.

In other news.. we are ABA therapistless again!  We had hired another one, but she's gone MIA since December.  I'm quite fed up and irritated with the company who keeps doing this to us.  The kiddo is doing alright, but we're entering into tweendom now and he's turning into a crabby kid with a nasty mouth.  At this point in time I'm scared we're going to have to hospitalize him in the near future.  I want him on meds but am scared to try any again..  He's constantly getting in trouble in school, to the point where apparently 7 parents have complained about it to the principal.  I constantly hear from my friend whose daughter in his class about how horrible he is everyday.  I'm on the school nonstop to keep me informed and to see what they are doing about things.  He can't sit still and keep his hands to himself.  Makes me feel like a horrible parent when I hear my 9 year old can't control himself any better than a 3 year old can.  Then I get the pleasure of listening to a friend lecture me about putting him on meds again or maybe I just need to hit him.. that'll stop his behavior.  Yeah, cause I want my kid to be terrified of me like other kids are of their parents.  Anyhoo.. yeah things are a barrel of fun around here.

Guess I have a lot to say.  Should be easy for me to keep this up for 29 more days, right?????

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