Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Ash Wednesday!

26 more days to go.. ;-)

So I made good on my Lenten promise today.  I went for two walks.  Figured since tomorrow it is supposed to be rainy, I'd take another walk tonight.  For some reason, new fluffy dog, only seems to want to poop on the school property which makes me laugh.  Don't worry, I'm a responsible pet owner and picked up his poop.  I also decided that I'm going to do some form of cleaning everyday too.  Today I did some dishes and laundry.  I know it's not much, but I've been slacking in the housework department.  So my Lenten promise is to try not to be so lazy.  No clue what the hubby and kid are giving up, neither can seem to make up their minds.  Honestly, I'd like to see them give up video games, but both scoffed at the idea of course.  I told the kid he could join me on my cleaning promise, but of course he scoffed at that too.  Right now I'd take him just doing homework without a fight.  Would that work?  Giving up fighting over homework for Lent?  Sure would make my life a lot more peaceful.  :-)

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