Friday, March 13, 2009

Need positive energy...

we're heading to the psych in about an hour or so. he finally called me back yesterday and he said we should have admited the kiddo, which honestly really upset me hearing that from him. I'm hoping I do not have to fight with him about changing meds. I want him off of the strattera because I believe it is the problem. These behaviors significantly intensified when we upped the dosage of strattera. I should have called the dr weeks ago, but we're so used to living with an explosive child that I didn't think anything of it. Looking back on everything, the changes occured after we upped the dosages, other side effects began occurring after we upped the dosage. I'm pretty sure all the puking DS has done over the past few weeks has been the medication. He's told us it makes his tummy feel blah, I just assumed he was saying that to get out of taking it because he didn't want to take it and was giving us all sorts of excuses.

At 230ish this afternoon we're also going to the school to see his teacher. She called again last night to check on us and I told her C wanted to come get his backpack and school work, so we'd stop by after school today. Several parents approached her yesterday asking what happened. She didn't tell them much of anything.. I mean she can't legally... I don't remember what she said she told them, but I was happy with her response. I don't want to even step foot back in that school at this point.. I'm absolutely mortified by the situation.

I'm just exhausted. I want to sleep all day, I want to stay home, I do not want to go to the drs and have him tell me again he thinks I should have left my 7 year old in a hospital without me for God knows how long. The hubby is now gone for almost a week.. I am so scared that something horrible is going to happen here with him gone. This sucks.. this really sucks and I'm seriously questioning my decision to not admit him now.. I just want things back to normal...

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